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Project Proposal Meeting

The Tulare County Office of Emergency Services is pleased to announce that the FY 2018 State Homeland Security Grant Program (SHSGP) Project Proposal period has opened. The Project Proposal period will close on Wednesday, November 8, 2017; late or incomplete applications cannot be accepted. All agencies submitting proposals will be scheduled to make a presentation (no more than 10 minutes) to the Approval Authority and grant management team on the morning of Thursday, November 9th (9:00 am - 12:00 pm).

PowerPoint presentations may also be sent to OES in advance for incorporation into the Approval Authority's Project Proposal packets.

For more details, please see our Project Proposal Meeting page.


County Allocation

Tulare County has been instructed to anticipate and budget for a FY 2018 SHSGP allocation similar to FY 2017 SHSGP, which was $546,474: at least $130,114 was allocated towards law enforcement projects (25% of projects), and at least $26,018 will be allocated towards Management & Administration (5% of all projects). Approximately $390,342 can be allocated towards projects proposed by other eligible disciplines.


Subject to Modification

Proposed Projects selected for inclusion by the Approval Authority body will remain subject to modification in order to meet the final allocated amount for Tulare County.


Possible 25% Match

There is uncertainty about a potential 25% match requirement at the Federal level for Fiscal Year 2018, and whether soft / in-kind matching would be allowed in lieu of a cash match.  At this time, Tulare County is asking sub-recipients to identify whether their agency could provide a 25% cash match to the proposed project(s) as part of the application process for informational purposes only.  Should a match become required, a formal match commitment process will be undertaken at that time.  Sub-recipients should not self-disqualify based on their response to the 25% match question.


State's Supplemental Guidance

The State's Supplemental Guidance will be released at a later date. However, OES does not expect a sea change for FY 2018 SHSGP Supplemental Guidance, and asks potential Sub-Recipients to refer to the FY 2016 SHSGP Supplemental Guidance (FY 2017 SHSGP Supplemental Guidance is still pending release) for the purposes of this Project Proposal period. This site will be updated once the FY 2018 SHSGP Supplemental Guidance is announced.


Performance Period

The expected Performance Period will run for approximately 30 months (tentatively November, 2018 through April, 2021).  All proposed activities must be completed during this timeframe.




Required Components

Complete Project Proposals will include:

  • Completed Project Proposal Workbook (electronic file)
    • Cover Sheet
    • Completed Solution Area tab(s) (e.g. Equipment, Training, et al.)
    • Completed Project Overview tab
  • Signed Cover Sheet (scanned/emailed, mailed, or delivered on or before November 10, 2016)
  • Supporting documents from vendors (e.g. quotes, proposals, course descriptions, etc.)
  • System for Award Management ( report for each vendor


Conditional Components



The following instructions are organized by probable workflows. Refer to Required Components for a definition of complete a Project Proposal.


Project Proposal Materials


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