Emergency Management Training

To ensure a successful emergency response, regardless of the type, magnitude, or involved agencies, responders must understand and utilize the same organizational concepts, structures, and terminology in order to maintain accountability, communications, and control for the overall incident.  This becomes especially important in large-scale incidents, such as earthquakes and hurricanes, when tens of thousands of responders are present.

The Tulare County Emergency Council has developed a Training Matrix and accompanying Training Levels Guidance document to help local agencies determine the appropriate training for their staff.

Tulare County OES offers a quarterly SEMS/NIMS/ICS Combined Course (hereafter, "Combined Course") to satisfy the basic training needs for all field responders (Level 2 on the above Training Matrix).  The Combined Course is open to all individuals requiring this level of training within Tulare County, and is presented free of charge.  The curriculum includes the following modules and meets the minimum instructional hours requirements for each:

The IS courses can be completed online for certificate credit through FEMA's Independent Study program, in conjunction with CSTI's SEMS Introductory Course. Tulare County OES strongly recommends taking periodic refreshers of the Combined Course to gain experience with the material, along with a better understanding of how the three systems interact and how they vary.

Tulare County OES also partners with allying agencies (e.g. Cal OES, TEEX, et al.) and sponsors other trainings that are germane to the emergency management discipline and staff development. Please check our Training Calendar to view course availabilities, descriptions, prerequisites, etc., and register for these courses.

"Train to live. Live to care. Care for all."