Common FY 2017 Core Capabilities


Core Capability Sample Project Description
Fire Management & Suppression The county will purchase 10 self contained breathing apparatus units in 2018 for fire departments in rural areas of the county to fight fires.
On-scene Security, Protection, and Law Enforcement Purchase 41 ballistic vests in 2018 to protect county fire and EMS staff in the warm zone in response to active shooter and complex coordinated terrorist attack events.
Operational Communications Purchase 10 P25-compliant mobile radios to upgrade 10 patrol units that are currently equipped with outdated mobile radios, in support of interoperable communications with allying agencies, across multiple disciplines.
Mass Search & Rescue Operations The region will provide "Rescue Systems" Training" to approximately 100 county-wide fire fighters in 2018-2019 on advanced heavy rescue system techniques by addressing structural building types, building search, confined space considerations, damaged Mass structure hazard assessment, use of power tools, etc.
Public Information and Warning County OES will pay the annual subscription cost for the countywide public Emergency Notification System for all hazards.
Supply Chain Integrity & Security The sheriffs department will purchase portable fencing, pens, and crates in 2019 for livestock containment during catastrophic incidents.
Mass Care Services Provide training to 100 volunteers on Community Mass Care and Emergency Assistance (Gl08) to address catastrophic incidents that displace people from their homes.
Planning County OES will purchase an Emergency Management Simulation Table in 2018 for the County EOC to train and exercise first responders on decision making in a variety of natural disaster and terrorism scenarios.
Operational Coordination The County OES will hire a consultant to update the County EOP in 2018 to enhance incident response operations for all hazards, including terrorism.
Planning M&A for Grant Program - pay salaries of OES personnel to address day-to-day SHSP grants management activities for the county.


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