Excess Funds

Cal OES will consider awards for Excess Funds proposals, from the State Homeland Security Grant Program (SHSGP). Excess Funds awards are not guaranteed, but if awarded, will become part of the Tulare Operational Area SHSGP award. Cal OES prefers large projects that will be expended in a timely manner, with publicity value.

For all active State Homeland Security Grant Program cycles, you may submit Project Proposals for Excess Funds, which must be submitted by Tulare County OES to Cal OES 30-days after the State releases the Supplemental. In essence, Excess Funds proposals may be developed in advance.

To submit an Excess Funds proposal, please use the Project Proposal Type dropdown selection on the Project Proposal Workbook's Cover Sheet and select "Excess Funds":

All requirements stipulated within the Submission page apply.


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