General Services Administration


If your Project Proposal requires personnel to travel, you may include travel expenses in your project's Estimated Cost. Examples of travel may be:

  • travel to pick up equipment
  • travel to attend training events

However, there are limitations to travel expenses, as limited by the federal General Services Administration (GSA).



The base rate for lodging (excludes taxes and other fees) may not exceed the published GSA rate for the locality and date of travel. To find the published lodging base rate for a date range and area, you must visit the General Services Administration (GSA) website:

  1. Using mouse-over, select "TRAVEL" in the header menu, then select "PLAN & BOOK", and lastly, "PER DIEM RATES"

  2. Enter the State and City of a destination, or enter the Zip Code of a destination, and select "Find Rates"

  3. The GSA search result will indicate the maximum nightly lodging allowance, excluding taxes and any fees


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