Cal OES Grants Processing Unit will require that Sub-Recipients vet vendors multiple times throughout the life of any project. All Solution Areas (e.g. Equipment, Training, Planning, Exercise) have the potential of utilizing vendors (e.g. merchants and consultants), and will need to be vetted through the federal System for Award Management (

Sub-Recipients will need to search, print, and retain reports for each vendor before:

  1. the Project Proposal submission
  2. any Payment to the vendor
  3. seeking reimbursement to Tulare County OES

In essence, Sub-Recipients are required to search, print, and retain reports at least three times for each vendor.


  1. Go to
  2. Click on "Search Records"
  3. Type in the vendor's name, and select "Search"
  4. Select "View Details" on the correct result for your vendor (note: vendors may have multiple results)
  5. Print (or save as PDF) the Details page; this will be the report on your vendor

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