Training Tab


  1. Use the dropdown menu in Column A to designate a Project
  2. Provide a Course Name, and course designation if available (e.g. "G191")
  3. Select the course's discipline from the dropdown list (note: a legend is provided by mouse-over on the column's header)
  4. Select the training's Solution Area Sub-Category from the dropdown list
    • You may need to create multiple lines for one Project/course; common choices such as backfill, overtime, travel, all require dedicated lines. Each line is subject to funding determinations by the Approval Authority, and may be in part, or in whole
  5. Select the course's Training Activity from the dropdown list (note: a legend is provided by mouse-over on the column's header)
  6. Indicate the Total Number of Trainees
  7. Indicate whether your Training project requires an Environmental and Historic Preservation Screening Form
    • If the training is field-based, and hosted by your agency, indicate "Yes", and submit a completed Environmental and Historic Preservation Screening Form along with the workbook, and other related documents as outlined on the Submission page. Please note that Cal OES has informed us that EHP reviews will require up to 9 months for approval from FEMA
    • If the training is classroom based, and/or your agency is participating as attendees, indicate "No"
  8. If your procurement policy requires your project to be undergo competitive bidding, and there is only one bidder, or if there is only one vendor for the desired item, select "Yes". Otherwise, select "No".
  9. Procurement Over $250,000
    • If your project is over $250,000 (all inclusive), select "Yes" from the dropdown menu. The State will seek proof that the project was properly procured through a national competitive bidding process, and the Request for Noncompetitive Procurement Authorization will need to be submitted, reviewed, and approved prior to initiating work on any such project
    • If your project is under $250,000 (all inclusive), select "No"
  10. If your project requires a competitive bidding process as stipulated by your governing purchasing policies, indicate "Yes"; otherwise, indicate "No"
    • If your project cost requires a bid process, as stipulated by your governing purchasing polices, but do not meet the State's Sole Source Authorization threshold of $250,000, you must still submit the Request for Proposal (RFP) or Request for Bid (RFB) documentation
  11. Provide the "Estimated Cost" of your Training proposal - in whole dollars only - which should correspond to the provided documents
    • Note: If the proposed training(s) require your trainees to secure lodging (i.e. travel expenses), local lodging base rates must NOT exceed rates published by the federal General Services Administration (GSA) for the month of travel. Example:

    • Note: If the proposed training(s) require your trainees to procure meals at restaurants, the grant will NOT allow for tips
  12. Provide Project Descriptions
  13. Roll up proposed projects into the Cover Sheet


If your training involves the hiring of a Contractor-Consultant

  • Using your mouse, right-click on any of the tabs and select "Unhide"
  • Select "Consultant-Contractor" and hit "OK"
  • Proceed to, and complete, the Consultant-Contractor tab


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