Emergency Council

The Emergency Council is established in Tulare County Code, Part 1, Chapter 15. Civil Defense and Disaster. The Council is facilitated by the Office of Emergency Services Manager as the Emergency Services Director's designee.  The Council is comprised of City, County, and Tribal officials with public safety and emergency management responsibilities.

There are a total of ten (10) votes on the Council:

  • One vote for the County
  • One vote for each of the eight (8) incorporated cities
  • One vote for the Tule River Tribe

Additional non-voting attendees include:

  • County Sheriff and Fire Chief
  • City Police and Fire Chiefs
  • County Health Officer
  • Other City, County, and Tribal Department Heads
  • California Governor's Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES)
  • Other partner agencies and non-profit organizations

The Council meets at least once a year discharge its duties as prescribed in ordinance, including but not limited to reviewing and recommending emergency plans for approval, providing updates on emergency management issues, and coordinating emergency planning, training, and exercise  activities of the Operational Area.

All meetings are open to the public.

Past Meetings