California Firestorm 2008 PhotoDisasters disrupt hundreds of thousands of lives every year.  Each disaster has lasting effects, both to people and property.  And yet, only approximately one-third of individuals surveyed thought that a disaster was likely to strike their community.  The most effective way to lessen the effects of a disaster, should one occur in your area, is to be prepared. 

Tulare County OES encourages the public to be aware of the hazards that may impact you.  The California Governor's Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES) maintains the MyHazards website, which allows you to view Earthquake, Flood, and Fire hazard information, along with preparedness measures, for any address in the state.  Click on the link above, or navigate to to use the MyHazards website.


There are 3 simple steps to Being Prepared:

  1. Get a Kit
  2. Make a Plan
  3. Be Informed


Preparing your family, your home, and your business to withstand the impacts of a disaster is one of the best ways to ensure your safety should a major emergency occur.  Browse the contents of the Preparedness section to learn more about what you can do to be prepared for a disaster.  Watch the video below to learn how easy it is to get prepared

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Think you're already prepared?  Take the following challenge to see how prepared you really are:

Do you have a family disaster plan?
Yes No

Do you have a disaster supply kit?
Yes No

Have you identified local emergency contacts?
Yes No

Have you identified out-of-state emergency contacts?
Yes No

Have you identified a family meeting place?
Yes No

Have you talked to your children about what to do in an emergency?
Yes No N/A

Have you practiced what to do at home in the event of a disaster?
Yes No

Have you duplicated important documents (e.g. insurance documents, birth certificates, deed to your home)?
Yes No N/A

Do you know your child's school disaster plan?
Yes No N/A

Now, review your answers above.  Take follow-up action on any items to which you answered "No" and become better prepared today!